Downtime is especially costly to mining, quarry, and aggregate owners.

Mining, quarry, and aggregate applications rely on equipment that runs continuously. A productive site operates efficiently and smoothly. When a machine is down, it affects the entire operations.

When you need parts or services, RMS Hydraulic Services is prepared to find a solution that gets your machine back in action. Whether that includes repairing, sourcing, refurbishing, or building a new cylinder, our team is committed to maximizing your equipment investment through the lifecycle of your machine.

To ensure maximum uptime, call on RMS Hydraulic Services to help address any potential issues with inspections of cylinders. Identifying minor repairs early is important to keep equipment running at its optimal performance level.

RMS Hydraulic Services is here to provide the services, technical support, and product solutions that enable you to complete your projects on schedule and within budget. Check out all the ways we can help support your mining, quarry, and aggregate equipment:

  • Articulated dump trucks
  • Conveyors and material handling
  • Articulated dump trucks
  • Conveyors
  • Material handling equipment
  • Railway equipment

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“RMS is a dealer of choice for quality brands, because we have an excellent customer following and a proven commitment to product support. We invest heavily in technician training, back our service capability with outstanding parts availability, and work harder to maximize customer productivity. We are a one stop shop for almost all of your equipment needs. All of us at RMS look forward to having the opportunity to serve you.”

Mike Sill II, CEO